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Welcome to the Narcissism Survivor Network!

Is there a narcissist in your life?

  • Egotistical and controlling

  • Feels that rules don't apply to them

  • Is NEVER happy, no matter what

  • Feels more important or entitled than any one else

  • Never shows or understands empathy or compassion

  • May have started out perfectly then changed drastically

They can be your spouse, business partner, friend, boss or parent.

Victims are left with self-doubt, confusion, stress, anxiety, guilt, and depression.

If you are in a situation with someone with one of these difficult people, you’ve come to the right place!

First, ask yourself the following questions ...

Have you been in difficult relationships that have left you feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, guilt-ridden, or at fault for all that has gone wrong?

  Download and view these videos of Mary Jo's interview on this subject

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MJ is interviewed about narcissism
on the Michael Dresser Radio Show.

"Mary Jo is an energizing and galvanizing force for those who have been victimized. She is a wise voice in a vast wasteland, helping those who are innocent or instinct injured, to find their way home. Mary Jo's compassion, combined with her understanding of what it's like to become a survivor, helps to orient and organize even the most disheartened." 

Francine J. Pokracki MD DFAPA, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University Of Colorado Health Science Center

Narcissism Quiz  |  Narcissist Victim Quiz

Are you suffering from Narcissism Victim Syndrome?
Learn more here ...

Have you suffered from any kind of abuse:
(Physical, sexual, verbal, and/or emotional)?

  • Do you still feel trapped in your situation and want answers?

  • Are you dealing with separation or divorce issues?

  • Is your work environment toxic and unhealthy?

  • Are you unable to say no to problematic relationships?

  • Do you want to GROW professionally and personally?

Are you tired of talking to therapists who don't understand narcissism and wish you could talk to a survivor instead?

If you're frustrated with therapists who don't understand what it's like living in the hell-like world as the victim of a narcissist and you want to talk to someone who's come out of the darkness into the light, then give me a call. I am a SURVIVOR and I can tell you that life is GREAT when you can move on from the world of life with a narcissist!

One-on-One Consulting

Learn how to overcome and succeed from an empowered narcissism survivor and consultant. While I am not a therapist or a life coach, I have walked this road and won the battle! Let me show you how YOU CAN TOO!

What you get:
Most clients prefer to work in hour to ninety minute sessions, which gives them time to share their story and then seek tools to help them heal. During that time you can tell me your issues with the narcissist in your life, ask any questions, and begin a journey towards growth and healing. I will give you homework to build your path out of the darkness.


If you are ready to change your life, if you are ready to move on from the darkness and into the light, if you are ready to take care of yourself (perhaps for the first time in your life) then I am waiting to work with you.


"Thank you so much! I've got my life on track now and one of the biggest steps in getting there was the energy in your voice when you were answering my question of how it feels to be on the other side
of this confusing fog.

You came right through the phone lines and grabbed my soul and I heard you loud and clear. I knew I had to take care of me at last.
I am so grateful to you!" 
- Tina in California

I have a limited number of openings and will only work with those who are dedicated to the goals of:

1) recognizing their role in their relationship issues,
2) becoming a survivor, and
3) leaving victim-hood behind!

This program is NOT for everyone, nor is it designed to be. If you are ready to change your life, if you are ready to move on from the darkness and into the light, if you are ready to take care of yourself (perhaps for the first time in your life) then I am waiting to work with you.


Call me at 303-841-7691


Price: $150 per hour. Some weekend, evening, and partial hours available. Please email or call for time availability.

Payment: Personal check or credit card.


Are you tired of living your life
under the control of a narcissist?
You have options! Here's just a few:

For more information on this topic, purchase Mary Jo's book, "When Your 'Perfect Partner' goes Perfectly Wrong"

The new 2nd Edition with 120 New Pages of Healing Strategies! You'll want this new updated edition for your library!

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