So where did you learn how to date, anyway? And is what you're doing working?


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Dating, Mating & Relating

Mary Jo is the founder and facilitator of Denver's BEST Dating, Mating, and Relating MeetUp group. If you live in Denver and would like to join up, click here.

"You provided me with more insights into the feminine mind than three decades of reading and two marriages!"
Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self-Love, Narcissism Revisited

Get Rid of the Notion That it’s all Luck, Serendipity, or Pure Chance Who You Fall in Love With!

Where did YOU get your education about this nebulous subject?
And by the way … is it working?

  • Are you in a healthy, loving relationship?

  • Or are you putting up with something less than you deserve, thinking that’s all there is?

  • Can you sort out good partners from bad – early on in the game?

  • Wish there was a school to teach you how to date more successfully? 

  • Do you tend to keep attracting the wrong type of mate, over and over again?

  • Are you recognizing dating “Red Flags” that set you up for heartache instead of “Happily Ever After?”

  • Do you have the insights to navigate the Internet dating minefields for success and not disaster?

  • Do you know what your Internet dating posting is REALLY saying about you?

  • Could you be a Desperate Dater? (Take the quiz)

  • What is your comfort level in the bedroom? (Learn more here)

The reality is that you actually choose who you fall in love with – good, bad, or ugly. So why not choose the right mate from the start? Believe it or not, it all starts with YOU!

Whether you’ve been dating for a while or resurfacing in the dating pool after a divorce, unless you learn the truth about dating, mating, relating, and YOUR role in this process, odds are you’ll likely repeat your patterns, even when they continue to prove unsuccessful!

After focusing so much time with folks in difficult relationships, I decided to be proactive and start helping daters understand how to make the right choices from the start, way before they get so sucked into a relationship that the heartbreak leaves deep wounds and shattered dreams.

I also ask those of you stuck in bad matches to ask yourselves why you feel you don’t deserve better, and more importantly, why you want to spend the rest of your life settling for less than healthy love?

If you’re sick to death of the relationship maze and could use the insights of one who has gone from being a relationship mess to one who now writes books about the subject, then let’s get started … First, I advise you take this very eye-opening quiz …

Stop being a Desperate Dater & find healthy love!

How can you stop being a Desperate Dater
& find healthy love? 

Order The Seven Secrets of Love TODAY!

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Making good choices in dating, in terms of my role in the process -- what makes us tick and what we truly need in a great mate -- is really hard. Mary Jo has done a simply incredible job of helping me understand myself, my needs, and how to get the most out of a relationship, with astounding results!

Alex King, CEO of Common Ground Publishing


For more information on this topic, purchase Mary Jo's book, "The Seven Secrets of Love"

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