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About Better Intimacy, Desire, and Healthy Love


Mary Jo hosts a regular Intimacy College MeetUp group in Denver.  If you live in the Denver-metro area and would like to join up, click here.


Just exactly where did most of us learn about the INTRICACIES of INTIMACY?

In high school Sex ed class?

From our buddies or gal pals?

In the 7th grade locker room?

From our parents? (Probably not!)


As a registered nurse and author of "Please Dear, Not Tonight: The Truth About Women and Sex", I discovered through interviewing folks from across the country that many men are begging to better understand their women in the bedroom. And many women are praying they'll do so as well! Quite honestly - if we can get the female side of things working well, the male side seems to be the easy part! So not all, but much of this will be focused on the female side of things ...







Is your sex life less than you’d like it to be?

Do you wonder where things went wrong?

Would you like to turn it around?


Well, you’re so not alone! Our society hasn’t been to kind in helping women learn how to get the most out of their love lives. Don’t suffer in silence.


We’re here to help … read on …


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Download and view this video of Mary Jo's interview on this subject



Wish you had a partner as interested in sex as you are?

How would you like to know how to get your love life back on track?

Want to know just what to do to make your woman be as excited about sex as you are?

Do you know what it is that you are doing to turn women off?

Do you really want to understand your woman in the bedroom?


Whether you know a lot or a little, you'll be amazed at what you learn in my books or my very in-depth classes designed to help you ramp your intimacy IQ up a notch and leaving both you and your partner building a better foundation of connectedness and love!

(And don't worry ... In my live seminars all of this learning goes on with no one removing their clothes or touching anything more than you might do in a typical handshake!)

With my nursing background, comfort level with the human body, and female perspective, I will be discussing all these issues in depth and will answer all those questions you've always wished you could ask a health care professional.

Whenever I teach these classes, folks who attend are astounded at "what they didn't know they didn't know" about so many issues surrounding intimacy!


What will you learn? Things like ...

  • What women would tell men about sex if they could say anything.

  • What women are afraid of in a sexual relationship.

  • If women really fake orgasms and, if so, why?

  • If women continue to like sex throughout their lives, or if they simply lose interest with age.

  • If women always seek an orgasm as the end-all goal in a sexual relationship.

  • What the typical things are that men do that may leave their women frustrated in the bedroom.

  • What a guy can do to almost guarantee that his woman will desire to have sex with him.

  • If women like "sex for one" more than sex with a partner and, if so, why?

  • What things men do to "get lucky" that women wish they wuld just stop.

  • Myths and misunderstandings that may have limited your sexual fulfillment.

  • How to attain a healthy love life with an abusive past.

  • Frustrations in the bedroom and how to solve them.

  • Increasing desire.


And of course, the two ultimate questions:

Do women really have all "those" headaches?


Why is it men just want to get "lucky"?

(When you know what to do, there is absolutely no luck involved!)



What you never knew you never knew about women and sex


My clients kept complaining
about this touchy subject of sex, 
so I wrote a book about it!

When I researched books on sex,
most were about sexual dysfunction or erotica.

I wanted something different!
Something with humor, grace, and direct answers to some of the confusing and frustrating questions and situations most people had ...

And it had to include ...
real people’s stories.


The result is:



Gals: Learn about your bodies and yourselves, but most of all, learn how to have as much satisfaction in the bedroom as your man does. And discover how you can take matters into your own hands and change the course of lovemaking for the rest of your life!

"A revolutionary work! This book is an excellent resource for women everywhere to continue on an important journey of self-discovery
and empowerment!"
Patty Brisben, Founder and CEO, Pure Romance, Inc.

Guys: The special Crib Notes boxes of info are for those of you guys who just “don’t have time” to study what your gal wants in intimate detail. It gives you the “Quickie” answers to what you need to know to keep her interested and loving throughout your relationship! And if you’re a guy who actually reads books, then sit down, because you’ll be blown away (no pun intended!) by what you’re about to learn about women! Order the book today and share it with your bed partner. You’ll both laugh, learn, and love more, when you learn together. And goodness knows what your relationship will look like as a result!


 A few more things you should know ...

This is not about porn

It's not about Tantra.


We will be focusing on heterosexual intimacy and


I should also tell you that when I hold workshops on this topic, I only speak to one gender at a time, as I have discovered that many folks will open up more and ask more questions when they aren't in the midst of a co-ed group!

So, if you're ready to ramp up you intimacy IQ, ready to better understand what your mate needs, and ready to have your sex life be better than you could ever imagine, then contact me now!


Buy the Book!

Arrange a workshop for your group! 

Join The Intimacy College MeetUp Group!

(... if you're in the Denver area!)


Don't you owe it to yourself to get started?

Don't waste another minute!

Contact me here: (303) 841-7691


"Men and women really can have it all within their intimate relationships with the insightful advice of Please Dear, Not Tonight! A book to live and love by!"
Andrea Adams-Miller, MA, PhD Candidate, CLL, The
Sexuality Tutor


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