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Relationships Can Be Complicated!

When they work, all is great.

When relationships are good - they are really good But when they don't work ... relationships can be tough!

When they don’t – life gets miserable!

Are you ...

Dating ... and meeting someone new? 
Mating ... and dealing with intimacy issues? or ...
Relating ... and already involved with someone?

(or struggling with issues of your own that may be affecting your relationships)

Are you, or someone you know,
dealing with a relationship issue?

Or do you simply wish you could figure out
how to find a great mate?

You're in the right place if you can relate to any of these:

"Mary Jo: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your book was in my mailbox when I got home for lunch and I sat in my driveway and couldn't quit reading it! It couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time, as the relationship I am currently in is showing some 'red flags.'  Thanks again for your hard work and dedication."   -Erica, Denver


Well, no matter what your relationship issue,
you're in the right place to start turning things around
and discovering fabulous, healthy relationships!

Life’s just too short to be unhappy in love!

Whether you need ...

  • a book to get you back on track,

  • a DVD

  • or audio CD to give you some new ideas,

  • a speaker for your group to ignite your relationships,

  • or a personal consultation

     Get your relationships

    turned around and on healthy ground ...


Call or drop me an email. Let's get started.

Internet Dating
Do you know how to read between the lines, put yourself out there safely, or know which dating service is best for you? And what’s your photo or your posting really saying about you anyway? I can help you navigate this pathway to love.

Dating Do's and Don'ts
Are you getting plenty of first dates but not so many second ones? Or are you continuing to attract losers to you? I can help you figure out what you're doing that is keeping you from attracting and finding the best matches for you.

Dating Without Drama
It is possible! Learn how to choose the mate who treats you right from day one! Once you learn that you deserve good love first!

Issues with Intimacy
Are you getting your needs met? Do you know how to share them with your mate? Is sex just another thing on your “to do list?” I’ll help you think about it with a new view. There’s even Quickie Crib Notes for men!

Are You A Desperate Dater – Do you keep attracting the wrong kind of mate or think you just don’t deserve better? Ill teach you skills to make the right choices.

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Understanding the Opposite Sex
So you think you know how the opposite sex operates? Well, if you're still working off some bad info you got back in the 7th grade locker room, odds are you're making some huge mistakes. I can help you zero in on what to do and what NOT to do based purely on the gender differences you absolutely need to understand to get the best dating results possible!

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse
Whether at work or at home, difficult, narcissistic people are everywhere! They can cause you stress, anxiety, loss of productivity, depression, etc. Learn what makes these people tick and how to deal with them.

Rebuilding Your Self Esteem
Are you moving on from what was to be "Happily Ever After," to “Unhappily Alone?” Are you feeling a bit lost? Depressed? Worried to try again? I've got some tools to help you get back to enjoying life!

Abusive Issues?
Have you fallen prey to an abuser? (Whether a man or woman – yes, they can be either!) Whether it be physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual, going on currently or something from your past - abuse is always destructive. Let me help you claim your life back!

Feeling Stuck
What's holding you back? Are you where you want to be in life? If not, why not? Is the relationship you have with yourself helping or hurting you? Maybe it's time you "Get Out of Your Box!"

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