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Getting Out of the Boxx

Are you, or someone you love:

Stuck in a rut and don’t know how to change it?

Meeting everyone else’s needs but not your own?

Wishing for “someday,” but it never comes?

On the never-ending treadmill and can’t get off?


"If you missed Mary Jo Fay's presentation, I suggest that you buy her book
Get Out Of Your Boxx! She dropped a copy off at the check-in desk before the meeting. By the time the meeting started, I had read to Chapter 3, 'What Boxx?' After the meeting I jumped to Chapter 16, 'Narcissism—Boxxed In By The Master Of the Universe.' It is an insightful piece of work. And of course, there is Chapter 11, but you will have to buy the book.
 I am not going to tell you about that one.”

Joel Meier, Rocky Mountain Chapter Society for Technical Communications.

Don't worry - you might just be "stuck in a Boxx!"
... A behavioral Boxx, that is.

Download and view this video of Mary Jo's interview on this subject


What is a Boxx?

A behavioral pattern that holds its captive hostage, limiting the view of life's possibilities, excitements and passions!


There are many Behavioral Boxxes that may be
trapping you and keeping you
from getting what you want out of life

Boxxes like:
  • Fear

  • Perfectionism

  • Workaholism

  • Your Past

  • Denial

  • I Can't

  • The Sex Boxx

  • The Expectations of Others

  • Narcissism

  • Others

Once you recognize what your Boxxes are ...

You have the power to get out of them and change your life once and for all!

The bottom line?

You’ve probably quit taking care of yourself and now you’re feeling the strain. Do you ever ask yourself, “What’s wrong with ME?” 

Well, the answer is NOTHING is wrong with you that a leap out of your Boxx won’t cure!  We can help!


You Will Benefit From This Information if …

  • You want to GROW! – Professionally and Personally!

  • You want to know how to get more out of life.

  • You are in a life transition and feel confused or unclear.

  • You realize that you’re sabotaging yourself in your goals.

  • You have raised your family and wonder “now what?”

  • You are, or have been, in a difficult relationship.

  • You have gotten out of a relationship and want to go on.

  • You want to know how to take better care of yourself.

  • You have suffered any kind of abuse.

  • You have been involved with a narcissist – or – the “Perfect Partner who went Perfectly Wrong.”

  • You are dealing with separation or divorce.

  • You can’t say no to problematic mates or partners.

Start taking care of YOU for a change!
(Or help that friend who needs your support!)

Take the first step to getting Out of Your Boxx!

Order the books

Attend a seminar

Arrange a workshop for your group

Consult with Mary Jo on the phone!

Line up a keynote or workshop for your convention


Contact Mary Jo Fay now to line up
the best opportunity for you or your group!

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For more information on this topic, purchase Mary Jo's book, "Get Out of Your Boxx and Live the Life You Really Want"

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Mary Jo’s book "Get Out of Your Boxx"
has been translated  into Arabic!


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